hattori naoki


Education and Qualifications

  • Graduated from Juntendo University, Faculty of Health and Sports Science
    (Awarded a junior and senior high school teaching certificate for health and physical education)
  • Graduated from Nagoya Acupuncture and Moxibustion School
    (a 3-year technical school for acupuncture and moxibustion practitioners)
  • Licensed as a national certified acupuncturist
  • Certified as a Rolfing® Practitioner by The European Rolfing® Association

Why I became an acupuncturist and Rolfing® practitioner

My clients and colleagues often ask me why I became a practitioner of both acupuncture and Rolfing®. It’s a rather long story that started all the way back when I was in elementary school. From that time until I graduated from high school, I was a very active baseball player and I continued my career in university as an active member of the school team. In my first year, however, I suffered a serious herniated disc and was no longer able to play. In fact, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without taking a painkiller.

Remembering that my parents sometimes took me to an acupuncturist to treat the minor aches, pains and injuries that were a regular part of the game, and how effective the treatments had been, I decided to see if acupuncture could help with this more serious problem. It immediately helped alleviate the pain and, over time, combined with standard medical treatment, completely cured the problem.

Over the course of my treatment, I became fascinated with acupuncture’s technique and philosophy. After graduating from university with a degree in sports science, I decided to enroll in a three-year course in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and become a professional acupuncturist. Upon graduation, I passed my national test for an acupuncturist license and worked at a well-known clinic in Japan for several years.

After a time, I started to think that I would like to go abroad to experience different lifestyles and ways of thinking and went to England to work in an acupuncture clinic in London. All the while, I was looking for other treatment methods that would deepen my understanding of the human body and expand my therapeutic skills.

When I encountered Rolfing®, I was very surprised and impressed by its technique and philosophy. I immediately understood that it would be an ideal complement to my acupuncture practice and decided to undergo intensive training in it in Munich. After receiving my Rolfing® practitioner’s certification, I returned to Japan and began incorporating it into my practice.

Since I opened my own clinic in 2016, one of my main areas of interest has been how acupuncture and Rolfing® can be combined to achieve optimal therapeutic results for my clients. Based on this Acupuncture and Rolfing®, I have developed “The HATTORI Method,” a system of specialized treatment of musculoskeletal issues, that has proven to be very effective for any kind of pain or discomfort, including stress, anxiety and other mental conditions.

In the early summer of 2019, I relocated my practice to Chamonix, France, where I can treat top level athletes as well as a variety local people and visitors. I am delighted to see people recovering from long term issues through the powerful combination of acupuncture and Rolfing®.