Over more than 10 years as a professional acupuncture and Rolfing practitioner, I have been treating a wide variety of patients in London, Munich and Japan.

I have found that acupuncture is more effective for curing my patients’ symptoms, while Rolfing® is better for the correction of the underlying causes.
The combination of acupuncture and Rolfing® which is a unique feature of my treatment system can work together like a pair of legs or set of wheels to both effect a cure for the patient’s immediate problem, and bring about the changes in their daily life that can help prevent them from recurring.。

The “Cure” Approach
– Centered on acupuncture treatment (aims to eliminate pain and numbness and restore the nervous system).
The “Rebalance” Approach
– Centered on Rolfing (adjusts the alignment of the musculoskeletal system and fascial connections).

I have gradually been developing each of these treatment modalities over the last ten years. I have cultivated a method of body/mind integration which maximizes the effect of treatments for conditions such as chronic pain, numbness and diseases caused by stress through the combination of the “Cure” and “Rebalance” approaches. In my experience, this integration method offers unique benefits in the treatment of a variety of specific states or conditions.

Some of the specific symptoms for which my treatment system is particularly effective are listed below: